Loyola Medicine: Feeling Is Believing

Ever hear of a smile backed by science? Loyola not only provides incredible services but also does it all with kindness that is proven to help patients heal faster.

Loyola Medicine
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Loyola Medicine reached a level of success that didn’t require a campaign to prove. But after spending years surrounded by hospitals working to build similarly stellar reputations, Loyola began to blend in with the greats. So we helped them stand out and shine. We made their brand bolder and more modern while showcasing the one thing that no one came close to beatingour kindness.

For their competitors, patients are cases that need to be solved quickly and efficiently. Not Loyolathey take a people-first approach to the wellness journey. Loyola professionals have uncovered that a smile not only is comforting but also is a science-backed solution to recovery. Empathy reduces blood pressure by releasing oxytocin; friendlier interactions with patients release pain-alleviating endorphins; and compassionate conversations reduce harmful stress. Smiles backed by science are part of every treatment plan at Loyola Medicine, because the Loyola team knows the undeniable benefits of kindness.

To showcase the compassion at the heart of Loyola Medicine, we highlighted acts of kindness. Our content touted Loyola’s technical expertise while emphasizing the role that the science of kindness plays in everything Loyola does. With our Feeling Is Believing campaign and microsite, we demonstrated Loyola’s science of kindness in an unforgettable way.

With this campaign, we saw incredible success with our digital ads. Some performed at 23X of benchmark, and many reached 7.5X of benchmark. We drove hundreds of appointments and thousands of clicks to our locations. Both the short-term ROI and one based on Lifetime Value of a Patient were met.

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We’d love to tell you about our work

Want to hear more?

We’d love to tell you about our work