Clover: Driven by You

How is a racecar like a Point of Sale system? Short answer: they both played a big role in a pretty hilarious video spot. See how we took advantage of Clover’s NASCAR sponsorship to reach small business owners and build brand awareness on the racetrack.

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A perfect POS system is nothing if no one knows it exists. Clover was a top player in their market, but they needed to rise above their 6th position in unaided awareness. After we found out that NASCAR fans index high for SMB ownership and are known for their brand loyalty, we ended up at the racetracks. We knew that we could support SMB owners during the COVID-19 crisis while taking advantage of a lucrative NASCAR sponsorship.

NASCAR fans and SMB owners know that, although the person behind the wheel is driving, it takes a whole crew to keep that car running. So we positioned Clover as an integral member of the SMB owners’ ‘pit crew’ that empowers their business to stay on the track at full speed. The tagline wrote itself.

We are so confident that Clover is any SMB’s perfect pit crew that we were willing to test it against the professionals. To highlight the benefits of Clover and to take advantage of our access to Matt Kenseth, we created a competition: A race between Clover’s #42-car pit crew and SMB owners armed with the Clover POS system. The result was a high-energy, funny campaign that highlighted our product while also giving NASCAR fans a gratifying and witty behind-the-scenes look at their favorite pit crew.

Our campaign drove millions of impressions, drove thousands of visits to our microsite, and reintroduced Clover to a very receptive NASCAR audience. Together, we built community and trust during a time of isolation and fear. Our campaign showed the importance of teamwork during trying times, and it emphasized Clover’s commitment to the success of thousands of business owners.

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We’d love to tell you about our work

Want to hear more?

We’d love to tell you about our work