You found your place.

Clear Path for Veterans

Clear Path for Veterans challenged us to refresh and modernize its brand in a way that paid tribute to its past while ushering in a new era as a formidable national brand.

Clear Path for Veterans
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Since its founding in 2011, Clear Path has been a place of comfort and healing for veterans and their loved ones. After more than a decade of service, Clear Path for Veterans challenged Ayni Brigade to create a new brand identity to help it transition from a regional veteran’s service organization to a formidable national brand. 

Clear Path’s unique point of difference is its commitment to helping veterans connect, restore and grow. At Clear Path, veterans, active service members, and their families find a sense of belonging and the space to heal, grow, and become the best version of themselves.  

Our brand strategy needed to represent Clear Path’s unique position without losing sight of the fact that the transition to civilian life is a journey that is unique to every veteran.

After service, veterans feel disconnected from the civilian population and, more importantly, from themselves. Our new positioning line, “You found your place.” — speaks to the welcoming atmosphere and community of Clear Path. Finding your place represents the literal Clear Path campus, meals, programs, and events, as well as the intangible feelings of direction, purpose, and understanding.

At the center of the brand identity, the team created a symbol that captures the varied paths of veterans converging within a rounded framework, representing a community of healing and mutual support.

The identity uses the colors of the various branches of military service, complemented by additional shades of green representing growth and renewal.

The tone of voice works directly and conversationally, expressing the optimistic, caring, and approachable aspects of Clear Path’s personality.

The elements combine to create a brand that will help Clear Path communicate its fundamental values and the societal benefits that a healthy, happy, fulfilled veteran population can bring.

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Want to hear more?

We’d love to tell you about our work