SAP: I was today years old...

When SAP wanted to tout the high-tech offerings in their app store, we turned a social-media trend into an informative, high-energy marketing campaign.

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With their annual conference moved online due to COVID-19, SAP needed a campaign to tout the multiple high-tech offerings of their app store quickly, effectively, and with a human touch. These ads needed to do what on-the-floor sales folks and booths would have done: communicate technical benefits of the product and highlight the direct results for our customers’ business.

The wide range of products in the SAP app store not only improved ‘business as usual, but also actively empowered their users to perform better and more efficiently at their jobs. We weren’t just offering apps but also providing a professional power-up. Now all we had to do was tell our customers and prospects about it.

Using the social-media trend #IWasTodayYearsOld, we created short videos in which individuals proudly listed the new things that their app empowered them to do. We highlighted the benefits that each individual app provided to the consumer, and we used on-screen text to enumerate the offerings in a way that would appeal to people who saw the ads with or without sound.

The Client liked the videos so much, they asked for a whole new set for a whole new series!

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We’d love to tell you about our work

Want to hear more?

We’d love to tell you about our work