Cooper Lighting Solutions

Watch out world, Cooper Lighting had a glow up! A new brand kit to go with their new positions as a competitive high-tech lighting solutions manufacturer.

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Cooper Lighting Solutions had transformed from an industrial manufacturer into a fully connected, high-tech creator of infrastructure solutions. Their new impressive capabilities brought along a new, knowledgeable clientele that needed to be wowed. So, with their legacy in mind, we created a refresh for the Cooper brand that communicated its progress without erasing any of its history.

Cooper fixtures not only produce light. Now, their bulbs and beams also provide efficiency and real-time data that increase building safety, comfort, and experience. Cooper pushed the boundaries of lighting solutions, and they needed branding that reflected their new claim on the category.

From circuits to Wi-Fi, Cooper loves connection; and to prove it, we created the “Connector” mark: a new logo to better represent Cooper’s unparalleled commitment to creating the most-advanced solutions for their clients’ lighting needs. However, our work didn't end there. Along with this mark, our designers created a whole new design language for Cooper, complete with a change in brand colors, typeface, and copy tone. This new branding showcased their innovation and capabilities while bridging Cooper’s prosperous past with its bright future.

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Want to hear more?

We’d love to tell you about our work