The 2023 AB Paper Plate Awards

Everybody wins at this happy hour

Last week, in the spirit of award season, we hosted our agency's first annual Paper Plates. The fun team-building "award show" gave us a reason to pop bottles, eat cake, and celebrate coworkers. Here's a sample of the awards our stellar teammates won:


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The Batman Award: Christian

This coworker thrives in a quiet, dimly lit workspace. The more cavernous, the better. This person is as committed to the grind as they are to the private phone booths here at work. Da-na-na-na-na-na-na—the Batman award goes to Christian. 

The ‘Order Up!’ Award: Eddie

Anyone in a pinch for a dinner resy tonight? Just give this person your ideal neighborhood, cuisine, and budget and they’ll whip up a personalized recommendation for you. The Order Up award goes to Eddie. 

The Trendy Thrifter Award: Helena

This person’s closet is as colorful as her vernacular. You can always count on this coworker to be hip to what’s en vogue, which makes Helena our Thrifty Trendsetter.

The Zoom Clown Award: Kevin

Whether it’s through pranks, jokes, or an animoji, this coworker keeps everyone in high spirits. With their quick wit and lightheartedness, Kevin is the obvious recipient of our Zoom Clown award.

The Peanut Butter Baby Award: Layla

This award is for the coworker who loves to be rewarded; it’s for someone who can’t resist the temptation of a treat. (And they tend to whine when they don’t get their way!) The PB Baby award goes to Layla, our office dog.

The Tasmanian Devil Award: Maizie

When this coworker enters the room, watch out for pandemonium! They wreak havoc on anything and everything—no trash cans, carpets, or potty pads are safe. The Tasmanian Devil award goes to Maizie, our second office dog.

The Professor Albus Dumbledore Award: Mark

This person, much like the headmaster of Hogwarts, is an all-knowing guide and serves as a mentor to all. (Now if only they had Mike’s Most Powerful Beard…) The Albus Dumbledore award goes to none other than Mark.

The Mitochondria Award: Meg

The mitochondria are to the cell like this coworker is to Ayni Brigade: their contributions are essential, they serve as a source of energy to other departments, and they contribute to overall health and well-being. A perfect example of this? They planned this whole event! The Mitochondria award goes to Meghan.

The Powerful Beard Award: Mike

With great power comes great responsibility. Whether IRL or over Zoom, this coworker boasts a beard so impressive it almost speaks for itself. The Most Powerful Beard award goes to Mike. 

The Office DJ Award: Morgan

Whatever the mood is in the office, this person has the beats to match it. They always bring vibrant, exceptionally curated playlists to keep us going through the afternoon slog. Experience the best soundtrack in the workplace from our Official Office DJ, Morgan!

The Off the Grid Award: Shaun

On the weekends this individual is likely to be found outdoors. Ironically, even when they’re indoors, there’s always a chance they’re having wi-fi connectivity issues. The Off-the-Grid award goes to Shaun.

The Idea Jungle Award: Sherry

This individual’s mind is like a lush jungle. Similar to how a jungle boasts great diversity, complexity, and a nurturing atmosphere, so does this coworker when it comes to coming up with great creative ideas. (Not to mention their ability to maintain a small forest within the confines of the office!) The Idea Jungle award goes to Sherry.

The Mile-A-Minute Award: Sorcha

This individual commands attention with their lightning-fast speech, leaving their audience impressed and in awe. A true master of the art of speed-talking, the Mile-A-Minute award goes to Sorcha.

The Biggest Euro Fangirl Award: Tracey

This coworker is known to become feverishly impassioned at the mention of their favorite music groups. They’d nearly faint at the chance to see one of these teenage-heartthrob, male-majority bands from overseas. For this reason, our office’s Biggest Euro Fangirl is Tracey!

The David Copperfield Award: Will

This person does the equivalent of pulling a rabbit out of a hat on the reg. They’re able to turn a project around in no time (a true feat of magic!). Will they reveal their secrets? Always leaving us dazzled, the David Copperfield award goes to Will.

*Cue the Oscars’ play-off music.*

This happy hour event was the perfect opportunity to connect and catch up with everyone across the agency. We'd be lying if we said we weren't already brainstorming award nominations for next year—anything for more of that piña colada cake!

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Want to hear more?

We’d love to tell you about our work